Thursday, June 10, 2004

Today's topics are...

Cars, sex, alcohol, elections, cake, incest, wardrobes, rainbows, bicycles, jealousy, amphetamines, football, fraud, kiwi fruit, daffodils, postmen, grass cutting, wheelbarrows, rheumatism, hepatitis, universities, goats, books, kazaa, a dog called vomit, fishfingers, roof-racks, traffic lights, doughnuts, cat hair, my nan's friend Flo, videos, sheepskin rugs, paedophiles, microwaves, the RSPCA, monkey nuts, girls with really large bottoms, my neighbour's hairy nose, Rembrandt, sausage suckers, asylum seekers, sitcoms, litmus paper, Robert the Bruce, Ian Dury, addictions, tissues, things lost down the back of sofas, Pingu, strawberries, barbed wire, gnu, knob cheese, papier mache, your first kiss, blindness, gasometers, X-rays, swingbins, St Tropez, XML, digital cameras, Apollo 13, Ritalin, Trans-sexuals, morse code, Pulp Fiction, paddling pool, polished turds, Montreal.

Nope, nothing inspires me today. I'm off down the pub.

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