Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A nice little Werner...

I read lots of books, lots of bad books, and occasionally the odd good one. Even more occasionally I read a great book. Not a book that is great because it's going to win a Booker Prize, or because it will be read by our great great grandchildren in 100 years time, but because you can't put it down.

Today I read a great book, the Big Blind by Louise Werner. Not a classic, but a bloody good read. I laughed, I winced and I, er, nearly cried. OK I did. Read it.

Then I realised that the author Louise Werner is not only an author. She is the Louise Werner who was the lead singer of Sleeper, the band that had top ten everythings in the late 90s.

She looks great, sings like a skylark, and writes like an angel. How bloody annoying. What the hell will she do next?

Perhaps Roman Abramovich will buy her.

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