Monday, June 14, 2004

Lucky duck

This kidnapping business isn't as easy as it sounds. Not only have I got a daughter distraught that her favourite toy has gone missing but the Piranha is snapping about her disappearing bread board.

And if the Piranha discovers what I'm doing I'll be stripped to the bone for lunch. I've told her I'm no longer posting as Spluttermonkey and have had to set up a separate blog so she thinks she's keeping tabs on me.

Anyway Dan is safe, for now. More than 100 readers of the blog today and several inbound links. I should be happy but I feel strangely cheated.

You won't all be back tomorrow though and then Dan gets it. To whet my appetite I have secured him to the bread board so he's ready for the fun.

I thought about giving him a hood but I didn't want anyone thinking the photos were fake.


Anonymous said...

You evil so and so!

Balko Kabo said...

If anything happens to Ducky Dan your blog will magically turn into gibberish (if viewed with a Mozilla based browser)

Scaryduck said...

Hoi! Touch one feather on that duck's head and we'll be round with guns.


Scaryduck and the lads at the Penguin Liberation Front