Sunday, June 13, 2004

Burning it up

I wanted some toast for breakfast this morning. There wasn't any bread in the breadbin so I got a loaf out of the freezer.

As the bread was frozen, I turned the dial on the toaster up to 2 and the toast was perfectly cooked.

So why does my toaster, like just about every other toaster in the world, have a dial which goes up to 6?

Who eats cremated toast?

It's like the car manufacturers who turn out models capable of 150mph plus.

Try travelling on the M4 at 150mph and you will be fined a million quid and spend three months being sodomised in the prison shower by a shaven-headed heavily-tattooed bloke called Gripper.

Perhaps the same thing happens when you turn the toaster up to 6.


S said...

It's for potato waffles!

Anonymous said...