Monday, June 28, 2004

Animal farm with the AA

The AA has just brought out its 2004 'Days Out Guide'. All in all a fairly unremarkable tome apart from the entry for Cotswold Farm Park in Gloucestershire.

Ignoring the fact that the accompanying picture is of a leopard, which sounds an unlikely thing to find on a farm, the description suggests that this particular venue is worth a visit if you are an animal lover.

Apparently it offers 'the perfect opportunity to get to know a Bagot goat, cuddle a Cotswold lamb and stroke a mighty Longhorn ox'. Brings a new meaning to tourist attraction.


While on the subject of animals, how do blind dogs cross the road? They couldn't have their own guide dogs because it would only end in a fight or a particularly public bout of canine sex.

Maybe other animals are trained to help them, like guide otters. I've never seen one. But then again neither has a blind dog.

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