Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Roll out the barrel

We are all turning into slugs, and it's because we don't climb trees anymore.

When I was a kid, everyone climbed trees. At any point of the day if you scrambled up a tree in your garden you could look across at trees in all the neighbouring gardens for miles and they would all be full of children swinging happily from branch to branch. And no game of hide and seek was complete without someone secreting themselves away in the upper foliage of an oak tree.

But we are evolving so fast that not only have we lost our tails, we have lost our ability to climb trees.

The average 12 year old now weighs about 15 stone and has difficulty climbing into his chair at McDonalds.

The future is here: http://www.sltrib.com/2004/Jun/06062004/nation_w/173124.asp

The Rolling Baba may be rolling across India for his faith but he understands what the future holds. Rapid evolution will see our childen's children born without arms or legs, and these large skittle shaped beings will barrel slowly from place to place.

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Gage said...

I think your determinations support my theory that life would be easier if everything were on casters. ; )