Thursday, July 01, 2004

Takeaway torture

I've invented a brilliant new game which I've called Chinky Lotto.

On a Wednesday or Saturday night, or even both for those of gluttonous dispositions, write down the Lotto numbers and then go down the local Chinese takeaway and order the corresponding dishes.

Yesterday, for example, I walked confidently into my local takeaway and ordered numbers 11,12,15,29,37 and 43 without any idea of what I would be getting.

It's even more fun if you play the game with your partner but without letting them in on the secret.

I will remember for a long time the look on the Piranha's face when I returned home last night with three different sorts of rice, a Kung Po chicken, a portion of mushrooms, a chilli dish that neither of us like, but absolutely nothing she had asked for.

On Saturday it's the Piranha's birthday so I think I'll treat her to an Indian.

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