Wednesday, July 07, 2004

We're getting there

Hats off to BT for their honesty. Their latest ad features lots of people in a field overlooking London in the snow, and in essence says: 'If you make an appointment with us, we'll try to keep it. But no promises though.'

A friend of mine regularly has to take his daughter to Great Ormond Street hospital in London. Because he drives into the congestion zone he has to pay his £5 at the local newsagent. He gives the receipt to the hospital and they give him the £5 back. The hospital then goes to Ken Livingstone and he returns the £5 to them.

Multiply this by the number of hospitals in London, and the number of people who drive to the hospitals in London, and you realise that thousands and thousands of needless and costly transactions are taking place.

If all of that money was given instead to the NHS it wouldn't be in the parlous state it is in.

This morning I squirted toothpaste all over my hands and then wondered why it wouldn't lather. I suppose it could have been worse. I could have washed my mouth out with soap.

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