Sunday, July 18, 2004

Rebel without a course

I've always fancied being a lawbreaker. A bank robber perhaps, or a suave, sophisticated conman.
The trouble is basically I lack courage and my desire to be an arch criminal is outweighed by my fear of being caught.
However, I think I have devised a solution which should give me the vicarious thrill I am seeking, without having to worry about the long arm of the law.
I plan to go into my local Indian takeaway and buy a meal fit for a Raj.
And then run away without eating it.

1 comment:

Nodders said...

Ooh, you are a rebel. I think you could be a great baddie, purely because of the name, you could easily stand beside octopussy and say: "Tee hee hee, I have the same silly sort of name as you!" And you'd provide Bond with enough innuendo for a 12A certificate. You go dawg!