Sunday, December 11, 2005

Spluttermonkey - now with added aloe vera

Forget about nuclear war. Forget about a muslim uprising. Forget about the ice caps melting. Forget about meteorites.

There is a new threat to world stability - aloe vera.

Pick up any item at the supermarket and you will find it has added aloe vera. Why?

I discovered this week that even toilet rolls now have added aloe vera. What possible reason can this be? Did the chief executive of Andrex wipe his bottom after completing his ablutions and think 'Now only if this had aloe vera added, that would have been a more pleasant experience.'

I have no idea where aloe vera comes from. For all I know it is produced by goatherders in Albania. But whoever is responsible should give themselves a big pat on the back. They have produced something that is completely without merit, without benefit, without any discernible effect and yet we all use it.

Is there anything else in our lives which is so completely useless which we wouldn't be without - apart from cheese of course.

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